S*OhFour's Estelle

OhFour's Persian & Exotic

Bicolour, Harlequin & Van 

In All Colors With Or Without Pattern

S*OhFour's Estelle

ELH - Exotic Long Hair




PER g 03 22

Blue Tortie Blotched Tabby Bicolour   

Sire: S*Kissleberg's Jackie Chan EXO e 22 Var

Dame: S*Sanzanovas Loving You!! PER n 01 62

PKD DNA Tested Negative At Orivet Genetic Pet Care In Australia

Genetic Tested At Langford Vet. In England

Agouti: Carrier of non-Agouti A/a 

Stella lives with C. Carlsson but is part of my breeding.

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OhFour's Cattery... 
WCF and CFA Registered Cattery In Sweden

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